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Jul 12, 2022

How do you engage over 4,000 employees?   

Tim Brackney is President and COO of RGP is a global consulting firm.  RGP helps Fortune 1000 companies, along with small-midsize firms, execute on mission-critical projects and fill important skill gaps by providing experienced subject matter experts who successfully deliver for clients.   

RGP feels it pioneered the gig economy for professional services.  How?  RGP gives employees the benefits and security of being an employee, but pays people when they are chargeable.  This gives employees the power to say “no.” 

What does that mean?  For instance, RGP people can say they don’t want to travel this week, or work for a certain client.   

There’s a lot to learn from Tim.  RGP was a hybrid work model prior to the pandemic.  Tim shares on this podcast how he and other RGP leaders embrace a human-first approach to attracting and retaining their top performers.  He discusses transparency, empathy, and listening skills every leader must have to fully engage with their people. 

Their leaders plug all their people into communities within RGP.  They also intentionally work with employees to advance their skills and experience at a pace that balances the needs of RGP clients and each individual’s career targets. 

David talks with Tim about leadership, working remote or in a hybrid environment, and how RGP attracts and retain top people in a very competitive talent market.  Join the conversation! 


A little background on Tim Brackney: 

Tim leads RGP’s Global Operations.  This includes full P&L and operational responsibility for three key theaters of operation: North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.  He has additional responsibility around strategy development and implementation with their Executive Team, participation in quarterly earnings calls and investor relations and the evaluation, diligence and integration of acquisitions. 

Before RGP, Tim worked for PwC in financial assurance and then in business consulting.  Tim earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with Honors from the University of Notre Dame and holds an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. 


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